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Finding the right gas fireplace service and repair technicians is a challenge. You want someone who is experienced and familiar with working with gas appliances as well as fireplaces and chimneys. These appliances often aren't the same extensive system of a chimney and hearth or a traditional fireplace. However, the heating aspect and the presence of gas within a fireplace show that these appliances are built to serve the purpose of a fireplace and they call for a special set of skills.

Gas fireplace service and repair Is not always easy and is not always transparent. With appliances, the problem itself may actually be a symptom of a different issue. Electrical components not working, problems with gas connection, and issues with vents and airflow can cause a myriad of challenges for the fireplace user. However, when a maintenance technician can get in there and conduct a diagnosis, it's often far off base from what most would have logically suspected.  

At Gas Fireplace Service Boston, we provide extensive services in an attempt to be the service you call whenever you have a problem with your gas fireplace.

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    Cleaning Services for Gas Fireplaces

    Gas fireplace cleaning Services are an integral part of ensuring that your fireplace is always working at peak efficiency and prime safety. Cleaning services will ensure that all the components involved with the gas fireplace are free of debris and soot. Additionally, technicians working on a cleaning service should thoroughly clean the glass of the fireplace and take note of any signs of damage. 

    Gas fireplace cleaning is something that you can't skimp on. When you don't regularly clean a gas fireplace eventually, the fireplace will no longer light. While you may regularly clean soot from the fireplace and possibly the chimney, you need to have a professional fireplace technician come in and do it at least once a year. Soot is a natural byproduct of fire, but most people don't know that it's corrosive.

    If you're not routinely cleaning the gas fireplace and having a deep cleaning at least once a year, then the interior of the fireplace and the chimney will begin to deteriorate. You may initially notice this with slight smudging on the glass that won't come off with cleaning.

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    Scheduling Maintenance for Gas Fireplaces

    Gas fireplace maintenance can include:

    • Performance cleaning
    • Safety inspection
    • Pilot service
    • Carbon Monoxide detection evaluation
    • Replacement for gaskets and logs
    • Adjusting sand and other manufacturer specifications
    • Removing soot
    • Resetting logs
    • Ensuring ventilation is clear
    • Inspection for operation
    • Cleaning of venturi air inlets
    • Assessment and testing of oxygen depletion sensors
    • Maintenance to burner systems

    Gas Fireplace Service Boston will help ensure that you have all the information you need to make decisions about services and repairs for your gas fireplace. During our maintenance appointments, we help you maintain your warranty and keep your fireplace working. 

    ​Troubleshooting for Gas Fireplaces

    As with most appliances, problems with gas fireplaces can happen for almost any reason and they’re often unexpected. An issue with one element, such as the pilot, could simply be a sign of another issue with a component somewhere else in the fireplace. The best option is to arrange for a full diagnosis of your fireplace where one of our skilled technicians can evaluate and troubleshoot the problem you’re experiencing. 

    ​Hire the Pros – Don’t DIY!

    Gas fireplace repair service isn't something that you can DIY over the weekend. When you're working with gas, there is a high risk that something could go wrong. Our trained technicians understand the safety requirements for doing repairs and providing maintenance services to gas fireplaces.

    We start off every service call with a maintenance check to see if your gas fireplace needs any basic maintenance done while we're there. Additionally, we evaluate the gas fireplace for anything that could be wrong and conduct a diagnosis to assess what repairs might be necessary. Often gas fireplace problems are simple but take a bit of finesse to detect. Our technicians frequently find that while they are fixing one problem, they come across another.

    It's important that you hire professionals to work on gas fireplaces so that you can rest assured that your gas fireplace is safe for use. Contact us at Gas Fireplace Service Boston to arrange for your diagnosis, maintenance service, or cleaning! We’re looking forward to your call!


    Gas Fireplace Service Boston is Boston’s locally owned and locally operated gas fireplace service and repair provider. 

    From gas fireplace cleaning to full repairs, we're the friendly Boston service that does it all. We service the entire Boston area, including all of the surrounding towns, and provide a wide range of brands or types of gas fireplaces that we regularly service. If you're having any trouble with your gas fireplace and then we're the ones to call. 

    We've built up our experience over the years and have brought together a team of experts who are passionate about ensuring homeowners are safe when using these energy-efficient products.

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    ​Why Choose Us

    With years of experience in gas fireplace repair, we've developed the ideal skill set for making repairs in a person's home. Our technicians are always courteous and very aware of our customer safety. Additionally, they know that the top priority is safety, and the very next priority is a job well done. 

    Our technicians are what make us stand out. They work quickly, they work efficiently, and they always provide a thorough job whether it's a diagnosis, a repair, or a cleaning.

    When you choose Gas Fireplace Service Boston, you're choosing the best in Boston. 

    ​Our Service Areas

    Gas fireplace repair service should be easily accessible to anyone who experiences the harsh winters that happened in and around Boston, MA. Fireplaces should be a source of comfort, and we strive to ensure that your home is comfortable even if you're on the outskirts of the Greater Boston area.

    From Arlington to Wrentham, we help homeowners all around Boston. If you're looking for a gas fireplace service that is reliable and can come to your home whenever there's a problem, then call Gas Fireplace Service Boston

    ​Types and Brands of Gas Fireplaces We Service

    Choosing the right gas fireplace for your home is a big deal, and we know that there are many exceptional brands and manufacturers out there. We provide full services and repairs for:

    • Kozy Heat
    • Mendota
    • Montigo
    • Napoleon
    • Ortal USA
    • Regency
    • SOLAS
    • Town and Country
    • Valor

    If you know that your gas fireplace needs servicing or repair, don't hesitate to contact Gas Fireplace Service Boston. Complete our simple online form and get a free quote! We're happy to look into any of your concerns and help you keep your gas fireplace in top shape!