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Gas Fireplace Repair Cape Cod

Call John Ford today at Gibil Fireplaces, for your expert in all things gas fireplaces.Experienced and knowledgeable with all types of brands of indoor gas fireplaces, we can help you troubleshoot and repair whatever the issue may be. If you having issues lighting, or if your gas fireplace needs to be cleaned for the season, give us a call for the best service on Cape Cod!

We provide a full range of services and repairs for gas fireplaces for all our customers. You can call today for a free quote on any of our services, including gas fireplace insert repairs, direct vent service, cleaning services, installation, and indoor gas fireplace servicing.

Gas fireplace service and repair is often straightforward, but it requires a skilled hand. Our team has the experts who understand exactly how to safely work on these fireplaces with confidence and care. It’s best to leave the professionals to it rather than risk the dangers of a DIY project that involves working with gas. ​

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    Why Choose Our Service

    We are the go-to gas fireplace repair service on Cape Cod and for a good reason! Our staff members are trained to work with precision and to work quickly. When our technicians get into a job, they immediately start running through safety assessments, diagnosis, and taking careful note of anything that might be wrong.

    Our services are almost always speedy, and we provide a thorough cleaning with specialized tools and cleaners that go far beyond what people could manage at home. What really makes us stand out from other gas fireplace services is that we focus on education. At Gas Fireplace Service on the Cape, we want you to have all the information necessary to make educated decisions about which repairs and services your fireplace needs.

    We're the friendly, fast, and reliable gas fireplace services. We have a team of experts that handle repairs, maintenance, and more. If you're having any trouble or general concern with your gas fireplace, then contact Gas Fireplace Services right away. You can reach us through the contact form on this page or by calling our office today.

    When to Call for Service on Your Gas Fireplace

    Gas fireplaces should have, in the very least, an annual inspection. That inspection can help you foresee upcoming repairs and possible neglect in maintenance. Additionally, that inspection will allow one of our technicians to calibrate the fireplace to its factory standard settings, which will help it remain in top shape and perform with peak efficiency.

    Outside of the annual inspection, the fireplace needs professional cleaning at least once a year, although it's recommended to clean it in both the fall and the early spring. Annual maintenance can be done at the same time as the cleaning and the inspection. However, if repairs are needed, it may mean that our technician will need to come out twice in order to ensure they have the correct parts for a complete repair.

    If your gas fireplace is displaying any signs of improper function, then contact us for repairs right away and cease use of the fireplace. Fire is extremely destructive, and it is not safe to use a malfunctioning gas fireplace.

    Service for Gas Fireplace

    If you’re the owner of a gas fireplace, then you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing that luxurious and cozy feeling of flipping it on when the weather gets a little colder. Gas fireplaces are a real asset and add a lot to the ambience of your home.

    As with any home appliance, however, gas fireplaces tend to need a little maintenance and have the tendency of breaking down from time to time. Gas leaks are just one problem you might encounter, and that in itself is no joking matter. Gas leaks can be very dangerous and should be dealt with immediately.

    Repairing gas fireplaces might seem like a difficult task, and it sure is if you don’t know what you’re doing! That’s why it’s always best to leave the fixing of your gas fireplace to a professional gas fireplace repair service.

    Luckily, that’s exactly what we are! Our service is all inclusive and we’re experienced in dealing with many different types and brands of gas fireplaces.