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Gas Fireplace Repair

As wood-burning stoves and traditional fireplaces are losing their spot in homes throughout Massachusetts, gas fireplaces are grabbing even more popularity. As more people embrace gas fireplaces there is also the need for regular maintenance and servicing for these fixtures.

We provide a full range of services and repairs for local gas fireplaces. You can call today for a quote on any of our services, including gas fireplace insert repairs, direct vent service, cleaning services, installation, and indoor gas fireplace servicing.

Gas fireplace service and repair is often straightforward, but it requires a skilled hand. Our team has many experts who understand exactly how to safely work on these fireplaces with confidence and care. It’s best to leave the professionals to it rather than risk the dangers of a DIY project that involves working with gas. ​

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    Maintenance and Troubleshooting for your fireplace:

    Like every other appliance and major picture near home, your gas fireplace will need regular maintenance and, on occasion, repairs. Regularly scheduled maintenance, such as cleaning and replacing deteriorated gaskets, can help keep your gas fireplace running efficiently and safely. You should expect to schedule maintenance and an inspection for safety purposes at least once a year.

    Some professionals suggest that gas fireplaces should be inspected for safety both before and after the winter season. These fireplaces do tend to go out or have problems in the middle of winter when they're getting the most use. If you are only going to schedule a maintenance appointment once a year, make sure that you do it before harsh winter storms roll in.

    During a maintenance appointment, you should expect our service technicians to conduct a full safety investigation, clean all fireplace components, use specialized cleaner, test all elements and adjust the system back to the manufacturer's settings. Before leaving, they should test for possible gas leaks and carbon monoxide.

    Different makes and models of gas fireplaces require different aspects of maintenance. Additionally, fireplace technicians may need to contact the manufacturer for support with troubleshooting.

    Gas fireplace maintenance Is not always as straightforward as it would seem. Repair services often start with a maintenance inspection or a call for troubleshooting a particular problem. Strange noises, issues with the pilot light, the smell of gas, high volumes of soot, problems switching the fireplace on and off are commonplace signs that you need to schedule maintenance and possible repairs.

    Cleaning Service

    We’re not afraid of soot! Gas fireplace cleaning is still necessary. Carbon buildup, set, and dust leads to the need to clean your gas fireplace regularly. This isn't a chore that you necessarily need to do once a week or even once a month, but instead is something you would call on a professional for.

    Gas fireplace cleaning services will involve cleaning and maintaining the door gaskets, all inner surfaces of the gas fireplace, and even the decorative logs. We will make sure that the events are clear and that the entire system is running as efficiently as possible.

    Going without an annual cleaning service can lead to some troubles with their gas fireplace. Many fireplaces will start to become temperamental or may have outright problems working when they're not clean. Vents that aren’t clear, too much soot in the fireplace, and similar problems can lead to the fireplace not working.

    During every cleaning service, we will remove the glass frame and ensure that the gaskets are clean and intact. We'll also provide a thorough cleaning of the glass with a specialized cleaner that performs well above household cleaners. One of our experts will handle the soot and clean out any debris found in the heater area. They will also inspect the burners to ensure that they’re not damaged, cracked, or filled with debris.

    As part of our inspection, our expert technicians will evaluate the firebox, put everything back together, and make a report to address any suggested repairs. Our technician will also explain if they've conducted any adjustments during their cleaning service. During a cleaning service, it's possible that our technicians may have adjusted the air shutters, vents come up, and other components of the fireplace back to manufacture settings.

    Through general use, gas fireplaces tend to stray from their original settings and need an occasional calibration.

    How Does A Gas Fireplace Work?

    Fireplaces or hearths have graced the homes of New Englanders since settlers first landed on our eastern shores. The winter weather conditions are harsh, and a fireplace is a source of comfort. It is extremely pleasant to snuggle up and watch logs burn throughout the winter, but that's not exactly economical, efficient, or good for carbon emissions. The solution is a gas fireplace.

    A gas fireplace is an energy-efficient method for heating your home that can produce more heat with better distribution faster than a traditional log-burning fireplace. It's even possible for people to use a gas fireplace insert to transition a traditional hearth or fireplace and chimney into a gas fireplace.

    Gas fireplaces rely on the presence of gas to create fire and then Vent their waste outside of the room. Some of these fireplaces use incombustible logs that cover gas vents, making them visually appealing as well as efficient.

    Gas fireplaces come in vented and ventless options. Both use radiant heat and convection heat to push the heat right into the center of the room rather than absorb it into the masonry or wall behind the fireplace.

    That makes the experience closer to sitting in front of an open fire, rather with sitting near a traditional fireplace. Most gas fireplaces will use sealed combustion and have gaskets that block all the air so that the fire only draws air through a pipe, and none of the warm air in the room is taken to feed the flames.

    Gas burns extremely cleanly, and the gas fireplaces are extremely easy to use. They require very little maintenance, often come with a remote control, and operate as any other gas appliance.

    Types of Services We Provide:

    Gas fireplace repair always starts with an initial inspection. When you call Gas Fireplace Service Boston for repair service, we'll send out one of our expert technicians to determine what exactly is wrong with your gas fireplace. During that first call, we can also provide any maintenance that's necessary on your fireplace.

    Our repair services include:

    • General diagnosis
    • Repair to burner systems
    • Pilot light repair
    • Burner replacement
    • Ignition system repair
    • Ignition replacement
    • Adjusting sand to proper levels and locations
    • Replacement, installation, and repair of key valves
    • Repair gas leaks
    • Grate replacement

    You may notice a need for repair because the fireplace simply isn't working. But there are other telltale signs that something is wrong. For example, if the flames look taller or darker than normal, it may be a sign that your air shutter needs correction or that there's something wrong with the oxygen pipe because it's a sign that the flames are not getting enough air. Alternatively, like the flames are blue, short, and wide, there may be other problems at play because the flames are getting too much air.

    If at any moment in time, you experience signs that your fireplace needs repair, then immediately stop using your gas fireplace. The smell of bad eggs, or the smell of gas, is one sign for repair that can't go unnoticed. Other signs that your gas fireplace may need repair services include evident damage to the ceramic logs, problems generating heat, and the fireplace having trouble igniting.

    It is important to know as well that gas fireplaces that have electrical elements such as remotes and lights might have unexpected problems. Typically the more electrical components you have in an appliance, the more opportunity there is that something can go wrong.

    Insert Service and Repairs

    Gas fireplace services often call for our technicians to address the customer's concerns about insert repairs and replacement. During our routine maintenance and inspection services, we often find damage or problems with gas fireplace inserts and logs. The logs which fit into a fireplace are typically ceramic, and they can damage very easily.

    Gas inserts are what professionals use to convert or retrofit traditional wood-burning fireplaces into gas fireplaces. These inserts are often a metal box within another box that slides into the existing masonry. Then through using gas, the air in the open space between the two boxes heats and pushes into the room.

    Typically gas fireplace inserts don't damage as easily as the ceramic logs which fit into standard gas fireplaces. Often repairing a gas fireplace inserts can be as simple as filling in cracks or holes. It is also possible that the reason the unit isn't working correctly is that the unit is not clean, or that the pilot light has gone out.

    At Gas Fireplace Service Boston, we take careful consideration to explain the reason why your gas fireplace insert isn't working and what we suggest for repairs. Additionally, we provide regular gas fireplace insert cleaning services to ensure that you don't have these problems happen unexpectedly only because the unit wasn't as clean as it could have been. ​

    Professional, Speedy and Friendly Service

    We are the go-to gas fireplace repair service in Boston and for a good reason! Our staff members are trained to work with precision and to work quickly. When our technicians get into a job, they immediately start running through safety assessments, diagnosis, and taking careful note of anything that might be wrong.

    Our services are almost always speedy, and we provide a thorough cleaning with specialized tools and cleaners that go far beyond what people could manage at home. What really makes us stand out from other gas fireplace services is that we focus on education. At Gas Fireplace Service Boston, we want you to have all the information necessary to make educated decisions about which repairs and services your fireplace needs.

    We're the friendly, fast, and reliable gas fireplace services. We have a team of experts that handle repairs, maintenance, and more. If you're having any trouble or general concern with your gas fireplace, then contact Gas Fireplace Service Boston right away. You can reach us through the contact form on this page or by calling our offices today, we’d enjoy taking your call!

    When to Call for Our Services

    Gas fireplaces should have, in the very least, an annual inspection. That inspection can help you foresee upcoming repairs and possible neglect in maintenance. Additionally, that inspection will allow one of our technicians to calibrate the fireplace to its factory standard settings, which will help it remain in top shape and perform with peak efficiency.

    Outside of the annual inspection, the fireplace needs professional cleaning at least once a year, although it's recommended to clean it in both the fall and the early spring. Annual maintenance can be done at the same time as the cleaning and the inspection. However, if repairs are needed, it may mean that our technician will need to come out twice in order to ensure they have the correct parts for a complete repair.

    If your gas fireplace is displaying any signs of improper function, then contact us for repairs right away and cease use of the fireplace. Fire is extremely destructive, and it is not safe to use a malfunctioning gas fireplace.

    Our Service Area:

    We happily provide services for repairs, maintenance, and inspection to the entirety of the greater Boston area. If you need servicing in Cambridge, Somerville, Belmont, Watertown, Waltham, Brighton, Brookline, Jamaica Plain, South Boston, South End, Back Bay, Newton, Wellesley, Arlington, Medford, or any of the many other wonderful communities in the Boston region​, give us a call.

    Our services are available all throughout the Boston area, and we're happy to make our way to your home and take care of your gas fireplace. Call Gas Fireplace Service Boston or complete the online form to schedule your services today and know that we're ready to help!